Friday, March 29, 2013

Women's History Month is over, but never complete!

The Coin-Off
It's almost the last day of March! Are you so sad to see it go? Probably not, right? Spring is happening and the weather gets better in April. Plus, it's closer to summer and summer is awesome. So really, March is the last hurdle until good time weather party.

But you are probably most sad that Women's History Month is almost over. Dry those eyes. Did you know you can learn about women's history all year long?

Shut the front door!

No, I mean it. If your front door is open you should go shut it, the cat might get out.

Ok, did you shut it? Oh, it wasn't open in the first place? Huh? How about that.
Too Many Betty Crockers

Cool, fine, let's get back on track.

Did you know you can learn about women's history all year long?

Better make sure that door is still shut. It is? Good.

Yes, you can learn about women's history all year long. Also, if you want to you can MAKE history all year long. I'm not saying I know how to make history but I am pretty sure it is similar to how you make homemade Play-Doh.

So farewell, March 2013! EW look forward to comdeybrating with you in 2014.

Hope your life is full of fabulous prizes!
Fabulous Prizes!

Friday, March 15, 2013

One more night to Comedybrate


I'm Heather.

I am really excited you all came out to the show last night. Do you realize we had a real live Jeopardy contestant get drawn to compete for fabulous prizes?

We did.

And our questions were tough. But she still was smart.

Plus, I dropped an egg on stage.

Look, this is Naomi. She was our Comedybration Ambassador last night. She handed out programs, encouraged you to sign up to win prizes and gave you party hats. She's the best. Tonight, it will be Meggie.

I had this idea for this show in December. I didn't actually get the space until January. Two weeks ago, I started rehearsing with the actors.

And you know what?

I am still amazed that the show is here and almost over! It has been so much fun.

And so much learning.

And laughing. I mean, if you have seen our Emily Dickinson and Sandra Day O'Conner you know what I mean.

Tonight's the last night of the show! Hope you can make it! It is one hour of zany zany joy!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The time is now.

The lines. Memorized.
The props. Made.
The wigs. Brushed.
The prizes. Prizified.

The time is now. The World's first Comedybration is set to being in two hours.

You still have time to rearrange your life for it.

Tonight and tomorrow night only.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Emily Speaks: Do it for the tall girl

Hello! Emily here!

We can all agree that learning about and celebrating women in history is extremely important. And if you don’t agree, well, you should pretend you do, because society says you’re wrong. At least, modern society finally says you’re wrong.

There are obvious reasons why Women’s History Month is necessary. But then, there are the reasons you don’t know about.

Here’s one. You’re welcome.

When I was little, I enjoyed acting out historical events. NERD ALERT. It’s okay, I had friends. ...and I forced friends to join me in this spectacular edutainment. And when those friends went away, there was always my younger sister.

I was also a really tall kid. Like, disturbingly tall. Like, other kids would consistently think I was a teacher in the bathroom. Okay, I also wore a lot of Land’s End.

This unfortunate combination of loving history, loving creative play and being a freak-giant meant one thing: I ALWAYS PLAYED A DUDE. Because there “weren’t enough women parts.” And I “had a deep enough voice.” (I was also always made to be Sporty Spice when “playing” Spice Girls, but that’s another story. A story that also supports the importance of strong female role models.)

If only I had access to all of these great women of history when I was in elementary school! Then, I wouldn’t have had to “be” George Washington! Or Ronald Reagan!

Or Aladdin!

Okay, so...there were other reasons. Look at how women are portrayed in traditional stories. What smart, inquisitive, book-loving, Land’s End-wearing little girl wanted to be the girls presented in media? I had about as much in common with Princess Jasmine as I did with my cousin Katie (...who always played Jasmine).

So, when I wracked my 6 year old brain for ways to spend a Saturday afternoon, I didn’t know Susan B. Anthony or Hillary Clinton or Harriet Tubman. I knew Pocahontas? But no one would play John Smith.

It’s too bad we have to create a month just to remember to remember women who have done great things in history, but the upside is A COMEDYBRATION DEDICATED TO WOMEN WHO HAVE DONE GREAT THINGS IN HISTORY DURING WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH.

Do it for the tall 6 year old girls who are sort of sick of drawing mustaches on their faces.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Don't Anger a Prairie Woman

Look it here! Who do you think this is?

Did you say Laura Ingalls Wilder?

Did you?

Well, how about that?

You should pat yourself on the back now.

Did you ever think you would meet Laura Ingalls Wilder?  Especially at a show at the Bryant Lake Bowl?

Probably not. 

Huh, how about that too?

Well, you are wrong, you aren’t going to meet Laura Ingalls Wilder on March 14th and 15th at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

Start your riot now.

OK, you can calm your riot down now. 

You are going to meet Laura Ingalls. (What? I know you are confused! What is going on here! Riot, riot, riot!)

Calm down again.

Think about it Laura Ingalls, is Laura Ingalls Wilder before she married that Wilder boy and added his name on to hers. (Get it now? Of course you do, you are smart and I am being a smartass here.)

Look how cute Laura Ingalls is!

But don’t make her mad. 

Or she might never be inspired to write the The Little House on the Prairie books that then become a TV show that you may or may not remember from your childhood therefore creating an alternative timeline where Houses on the Prairies are actually quite large and full of hamsters.

 Hamsters who wear bonnets. BONNETS!!!!!

Laura Ingalls will be played by Brigid Anderson Kelley. I first met her when she was Brigid Kelley. Before she ran off and married that Anderson boy and added his name to here. Ahh! An alternative timeline is upon us!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meet Shannon: A sort of poem

Meet Shannon.

Once upon a time there was going to be a play
With laughs and learning about women from histor-ay

In the play there's Brigid, Kelsey, Heather and on and on
With some writing by Emily and of course acting by Shannon

Why here's a photo of Shannon now!
All prim in a bonnet, ready to milk a cow!

Now you might be thinking, Hey! This disturbs the flow!
This is a show about women and he's a boy, don't you know?

Do not fear this is sacrilege or a terrible mistake
Because Women's History Month can be anyone's cake!

It may be a month about the ladies of the past
but that doesn't mean other genders are outcast

A comedybration this is! A time for celebration.
We will include everyone to learn about ladies of this nation.

So get our your calendars and make March 14 or 15
Or even better make a reservation, (if you know what I mean)

Your new favorite holiday month, only comes once a year
And at the BLB theater, you can watch it with beer!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Many Famous Faces of Kelsey: A photo essay

Look! Here's Kelsey as Rosie the Riveter. 

I bet Rosie wishes she had a rubber chicken in her photo, instead of the secret bicep she's about to reveal.

So, yeah we all know Kelsey makes a good Rosie, but...

 Kelsey also is can be everyone's favorite primate pal, Jane Goodall.

Oh, I see what I did there.

 Women's History Month: The Historical Comedybration (with fabulous prizes) opens on March 14th at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to celebrate Women’s History Month: A step-by-step dialogue with yourself

Don't know how to celebrate? Didn;t realize March had something to celebrate in it? Well, have no fear (unless you are wearing a No Fear t-shirt, in that case, nicely done to keep that in wearable shaped after the mid 1990's, I mean that shirt has got to have some wind burn from all the people running away after reading your terrifying, inspriational yet catchy T-shirt slogan.)

Step 1: Realize March is Women’s History Month.

Self: It’s Women’s History Month

Step 2: React.

Self: What? March is Women’s History Month?

Step 3: Get distracted by cats.

Self: Oh, there’s that one cat video I haven’t seen yet.

Step 4: Keep being distracted.

Self: Look at those kittens!

Step 5. Remember.

Self: Oh yeah? What was I doing?

Step 6: Memory kicks in.

Self: It’s Women’s History Month! But how am I supposed to celebrate it? I use the internet for cats, not for learning about historical women.

Step 7: Solutionize.

Self: If only I could go to a sketch comedy show that is held in a combo theater/restaurant/bowling alley in Uptown, Minneapolis and have the chance to win fabulous prizes.

Step 8: Reap rewards.

Self: This.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Rehearsal Update!

Tonight we laughed a lot.

And determined that the Secretary of State sketch must go in.

Even though that means Shannon has to learn some pretty spot on presidential impressions.

Look, there's a photo of Kelsey as Jane Goodall.

That's not a really gorilla.

She's not really Jane Goodall. Except she is in the show.

Did you know that if you buy tickets in advance they are only $10? That is to reward you for planning ahead. And we get really giddy when we get to the theatre and they tell us there are reservations.

Plus, did you know that you can eat and drink during the show at the Bryant Lake Bowl? It's one stop shopping. I really like the Pad Thai, if you are looking for a recommendation.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Even more things in the mail!

The show postcards arrived!

All 29 lbs of them. 29lbs in one box. that is impressive. Not that I am talking about Kelsey, the cover girl's weight.

Look at her, being all Rosie the Riveter-like. And there's a rubber chicken with her.

Here's the story behind this photo. I had a different idea for a photo that involved shots off all the people the show in various historical women garb, to look like a photo booth thing, actually took those pictures (don't worry, you will see them soon enough on this site), then remembered, I don't have the photo editing skills to pull that off. (or more like, I don't have the patience to figure out, take a class, ask a pal). Plus, even though iPhones are great, they don't tell you when the shots you are taking are too dim to turn into magic on a postcard.

So I decided to redo my whole postcard idea. Because nagging at the back of my brain the whole time was this voice "Heather, if you are going to create a show about iconic women in America's history, there is one image that you should work from." This voice kept creeping up. I would say to it "No! I want to do this elaborate idea with tons of people and photos and props and costumes." And the voice would say "Rooooooooooosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss(it speaks parsaltongue)sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssie." Finallly, when my first idea fell a away, I embraced this voice, dressed Kelsey up as history's favorite poster girl and made her hold a chicken. Viola! Postcard image!

I had to learn some Photoshop skills for this, like how to remove a background from an image and make a PNG. It worked out pretty well, for those of you with eagle eye graphic design skills, there are some small mistakes for you to find. You are welcome.

Did I tell you I got that chicken my freshman year of college after being on the props run crew for the show Ripe Conditions? That show featured a tornado that left rubber chickens across the stage, the technical director bestowed one of them to me at the close of the show for my excellent feather throwing and chicken placement. That was many years ago (fall of 1999). In fact, my work as chicken girl in this show was immortalized in a mural in the Clarke University Student Union. Check it out!

That's me in the black (because that is what run crew wears), my reddish hair, holding chickens! That is TDH the theatre, in the background. My friend and artist Joanna Griebel painted that her senior year. Proof of the start of my life in theatre doing wacky things.

So if you want a WHM postcard, let me know!

I have a lot!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flygirls in my mailbox

It was a regular day like all the others, I arrived home from work and opened my mailbox. As usual, it was filled with empty space and a promotion from a local theatre show and this piece of unsolicited "junk" mail. But when I looked at it I realized this is no ordinary mail, this mail means....

Everyone is getting ready to celebrate Women's History Month!

 Look at that envelope. You can't see in the picture but above the computer generated address next to the photo is the message "Do you remember me?" And my answer was "No, I don't know who you even are!"

After letting the envelope sit on my table for a few days, (I like to age my mail.) I opened to to see that I received this book from the National WASP WWII Museum. At first, I though WASP mean the other WASP (no not the insect, the White, Anglo-Saxon Protetsant one) but it turns out WASP stands for Women Airforce Service Pilots. (I wonder if this use of WASP pre-dates the other one.) Though I did wonder if these airline ladies were also that type of WASP, but no! The WASP pilots include women form Native American and Chinese descent too. And that is what I know from flipping through the book sort of with a cat on my lap.

But from what I have read so far, these women filled roles testing and training so that more male pilots could be available to fly on the front lines.

The Women in Airline Service flew in WWII. They came from all walks (flights) of life and 38 died in service and we all know about WWII. You can learn more about these women at the National WASP WWII Museum in Sweetwater, Texas.

The Flygirls even had their own mascot, designed by Disney: Fifinella.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Check out who is in the show!

Official Cast Announcement!

I know you've all been waiting for this, the same way you wait for Women's History Month every year. You make your Women's History Month list, you write letters to Women's History Month Claus, you bake your Women's History Month cookies.

But wait no more!

Tease your anticipation for your favorite holiday of the year by salivating over this cast of Women's History Month: The Historical Comedybration (with fabulous prizes)!

Featuring the performing talents of:

Kelsey Cramer!
Brigid Anderson Kelley!
Shannon Troy Jones!
Heather Meyer!

With sketches written by
Kelsey Cramer, Heather Meyer and Emily Schmidt!

Woo! You are welcome!

Also the "who's in the show" tab has been updated with even more info about these talented yahoos.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Coming soon!

Mark you calendars for the most educational and hilarious show of your life!

Playing two nights only, March 14 & 15 at The Bryant Lake Bowl is Women's History Month: The Historical Comedybration (with fabulous prizes) the part sketch comedy, part game show adventure of historical proportions.

Tickets are $10 in advance or with a MN fringe button and $12 at the door.

Written by Heather Meyer and Emily Schmidt featuring Kelsey Cramer and more!