Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to celebrate Women’s History Month: A step-by-step dialogue with yourself

Don't know how to celebrate? Didn;t realize March had something to celebrate in it? Well, have no fear (unless you are wearing a No Fear t-shirt, in that case, nicely done to keep that in wearable shaped after the mid 1990's, I mean that shirt has got to have some wind burn from all the people running away after reading your terrifying, inspriational yet catchy T-shirt slogan.)

Step 1: Realize March is Women’s History Month.

Self: It’s Women’s History Month

Step 2: React.

Self: What? March is Women’s History Month?

Step 3: Get distracted by cats.

Self: Oh, there’s that one cat video I haven’t seen yet.

Step 4: Keep being distracted.

Self: Look at those kittens!

Step 5. Remember.

Self: Oh yeah? What was I doing?

Step 6: Memory kicks in.

Self: It’s Women’s History Month! But how am I supposed to celebrate it? I use the internet for cats, not for learning about historical women.

Step 7: Solutionize.

Self: If only I could go to a sketch comedy show that is held in a combo theater/restaurant/bowling alley in Uptown, Minneapolis and have the chance to win fabulous prizes.

Step 8: Reap rewards.

Self: This.

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