Friday, March 8, 2013

Don't Anger a Prairie Woman

Look it here! Who do you think this is?

Did you say Laura Ingalls Wilder?

Did you?

Well, how about that?

You should pat yourself on the back now.

Did you ever think you would meet Laura Ingalls Wilder?  Especially at a show at the Bryant Lake Bowl?

Probably not. 

Huh, how about that too?

Well, you are wrong, you aren’t going to meet Laura Ingalls Wilder on March 14th and 15th at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

Start your riot now.

OK, you can calm your riot down now. 

You are going to meet Laura Ingalls. (What? I know you are confused! What is going on here! Riot, riot, riot!)

Calm down again.

Think about it Laura Ingalls, is Laura Ingalls Wilder before she married that Wilder boy and added his name on to hers. (Get it now? Of course you do, you are smart and I am being a smartass here.)

Look how cute Laura Ingalls is!

But don’t make her mad. 

Or she might never be inspired to write the The Little House on the Prairie books that then become a TV show that you may or may not remember from your childhood therefore creating an alternative timeline where Houses on the Prairies are actually quite large and full of hamsters.

 Hamsters who wear bonnets. BONNETS!!!!!

Laura Ingalls will be played by Brigid Anderson Kelley. I first met her when she was Brigid Kelley. Before she ran off and married that Anderson boy and added his name to here. Ahh! An alternative timeline is upon us!

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